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Ozark waterfall
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Hot Spring in Yellowstone
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A Final Look
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Purple Lilac Blossoms
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wildflower vanilla plant.jpg
Wild Vanilla
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Old Mill
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The Beautiful Tulips
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watercolor swans.jpg
watercolor Swans on Eola
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Death Valley N.P. - dinner at Mesquite Spring campground.
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omaha spring
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Give thanks to the risen Lord meme.jpg
Beautiful White Flower
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Your OBedient Servant and the Porsches. I believe the Spyders are re-creations, the 356 genuine (I was mistaken: the licensed Spyder is genuine; Peter Miles arrived in it).

The suspendered man at right is Phil Holmes, historian, recording interviews for inclusion in the National Archive. Paramount Ranch is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.